Bridges Gallery Opening (SET)

At Alfred State College in the SET gallery there was a gallery opening held on November 8, 2012.  At the gallery opening many of the professors, Digital Media and Animation Students, and Bridges crew were present.  The Bridges crew included the director, production leads, postproduction assistance, preproduction assistance, band managers, and transparent band members.

The Bridges director was Jeremy Schwartz.  The production leads included Alexx Yates Mason, Colten Seamans, Marcus Vinci, and Colin Wansink.  The postproduction assistance consisted of Nicole Bennetl, Matt Butler, Jacob Freedman, Thomas R Frew, Anna C Gilmore, Kevin Gosda, Anthony J Grande, Dan McLaughlin, Tim Troiano, and Jim Van Wagenen.  The preproduction assistance included Nicole Binns, Rochelle LaForest, and Seamus Lynch.  The band and transparent band members included Steve Cox, Bradley Meise, Jesse Sprinkle, Ben Taft, and Janelle Sassano.  A large group of students worked together to come up with a successful end product.

The Bridges team had many different steps and processes that had to be completed in order to make the video.  The software that was used was Adobe CS6.  In June the Bridges team presented their ideas to the band as concept images.  The concept images were used to show how the video was progressing.  The team had to find a way to create smoke, and found a very unique way in doing so.  Drops of food coloring were put into water to create a smoke tornado effect.  Other products that may have been used in the making of the video include rubbing alcohol, milk, and paint.  The animation process of the video was done using pixilation.  The animation proved to be difficult because movement had to be broken down into frames and some movement had to be frozen mid-air.  The mid-air poses required that many members helped support the mid-air frozen member.  The backgrounds in the video are all photos that came from Alfred or the Finger Lakes Region.

The Bridges team did an amazing job in the design and creation of the music video.  I found the gallery opening to be very influential in my Digital Media and Animation career.  The music video came out professionally and was well thought out.  This opening can be connected to the Digital Media and Animation major because of the use of animation an software used to create the music video.

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